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Bathroom Remodelling: Hot Bathroom Design Inspiration

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Remodelling your bathroom can be a tricky task. You will need to take a lot of things into consideration to make sure that it is both practical a stylish. This article provides some of the hottest bathroom design trends that you can incorporate into your new bathroom.

Color : Bathroom designers are choosing to introduce a splash of color into the bathroom. You can use colored countertops, sinks, fixtures and fittings if you want to make a statement. If you prefer something more subtle then try using small colored bathroom accessories, such as a set of matching bath towels, artwork or bathroom rugs to add a hint of color.

Curves : Curves are also making an appearance in many of today’s modern bathrooms. You can buy curved sinks, stand alone roll-top baths or even curved shower units to make your bathroom have a more fluid feel to it.

Frameless Glass Panels : Frameless glass panels will add a little extra style and class to any bathroom area. Not only do they look great, but they will also protect your floor and walls from water splashes. Frameless glass panelling can be installed around shower units, or around a bath to provide a splashback screen. Frameless shower panels are available in a huge selection of shapes and sizes, or you can have them specially custom made to your requirements.

Windows : If you are renovating your entire bathroom then you may want to consider having new windows installed. Bathrooms that have a great view will benefit from having large replacement windows. You can choose windows which complement the interior of the bathroom as well as the exterior of the property.

Tiling : Mosaic tiling is another hot bathroom trend. Tiles will add some detailing to the bathroom. They can be used around the bath, on the walls or even on the floor. If you are particularly creative then you can even design and create your own personal mosaic tiling for your bathroom.

More Inspiration : You can also do your own research to see what design trends are out there. One of the easiest ways to find inspiration is to do an image search online. Use keywords such as ‘designer bathrooms’ and ‘bathroom trends’ to search online for a selection of images. You can also check out home design magazines, online bathroom retailers websites and home design trade shows. Make sure that you take pictures or save any images that you like to look of so that you can refer back to them when you are designing your bathroom. You can also make your own moodboard which will give you a visual overview of the theme that you are going for.

Once you have created your bathroom plan you will need to hire the help of a professional remodelling team to help turn your vision into a reality. They will have the tools and expertise to install and create a beautiful bathroom for you. Always choose to work with a reputable remodelling team so that you know you will be receiving a high quality service. Good luck.

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Say Goodbye to painting

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Gone are the days of painting your new house. The use of different vinyl siding styles has brought out a revolution in the exterior coating technology for residential and commercial properties alike. In the context of United States & Canada, vinyl siding is currently the most popular material for siding. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 33% of all new homes built in 2013 used vinyl siding. The composition and process of manufacturing vinyl siding has gone through a dramatic improvement since the technology was first introduced back in 1950s. More homeowners are now routing for vinyl siding instead of conventional painting because of the low maintenance, durability and impressively beautiful appearance. If you’re looking for vinyl siding services in North Haven, you’re in absolutely safe hands here at Sidetex!

Variable thicknesses, rail types, sizes and colors are available for vinyl siding. The main composition of the vinyl siding used for homes is 80% PVC resin and the remaining 20% materials are blended based on panel thickness and vinyl siding colors. This particular composition has made your options are literally endless. You can choose your favorite color, texture, gloss and even the durability of the siding on the basis of your decisions while choosing the panels. Let’s check out some of the basic advantages of vinyl siding over painting. 

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Siding Over Painting?


Vinyl siding can withstand strong winds, resist heat, cold, rain and still retain its actual appearance for years. Their confirmed longevity can be assessed from the lifetime warranty offers for the material and installation by so many vinyl siding manufacturers. 


It’s an absolutely green solution to the external appearance of your house or commercial property. Its environment friendly and economic performance has outrun that of most exterior claddings. Insulated siding comes with the added advantage of better energy efficiency. It can reduce thermal bridging and Energy Star has added insulated siding on the list of requirements for qualifying a house as an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home.

Affordability & Installability

Vinyl siding is a very cost effective technology and has the lowest life cycle cost than any other exterior claddings. The lightweight material of vinyl siding makes it extremely easy to install. It’s great for retrofitting and due to the easy installation procedures, the labor costs are low too. 


One of the best advantages of using vinyl is that it needs very low maintenance. It does not require to be painted and all you need to keep it sparkling, is an annual power wash or pressure wash using mild soap and water. Since vinyl siding is composed of PVC, it’s not susceptible to cracking, rotting or damage my insects. 


Vinyl Siding Institute states that it is one of the very few materials which are compliant with the requirements of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) for data transmission and electrical cables insulation. So vinyl siding ensures perfect safety for your home and business. 

Vinyl siding is a gorgeous and attractive option for siding. Here at Sidetex, we are proud to offer you a huge inventory of different vinyl siding color combinations, types and styles. Our aim is to provide you the best siding experience to improve the ecstatic appeal of your home and at the same time, cut down the total life cycle maintenance cost. We are a team of highly experienced and trained professionals ready to satisfy your needs for a new siding on your home or office. 

If you’re interested to learn more about our vinyl siding services, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away and we’ll be happy to provide the perfect solution to your siding requirements. Happy siding! 

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips & Ideas

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Now with more families having both spouses at work, it makes more sense to live in the city hub to save time and pool resources. However, the downside usually means living in small apartments with cramped kitchens. At the end of a long, tiring day, we would want our kitchen to be cozy so that instead of avoiding it, we would want to be in it. But who says you can’t have a small kitchen that is cozy and functional as well, right? Even with budget and building restrictions, there are many options to transform your kitchen into that space that you’ve always dreamed about.

Have a look at these five simple, do-it-yourself (DIY) tips for remodeling your small kitchen without compromising on style or functionality:

  • The right kind of lighting: 

    Instead of using stark/harsh fluorescent lighting, create an illusion of space with the proper type of lighting. Low hanging ambient lights, spotlights, lights under the cabinets and counter make the kitchen look more pleasing and homely. 

  • Shelves, Shelves and More Shelves: 

    Unleash your creative side and make the most of your kitchen’s wall space by adding cabinets and shelves of all shapes and sizes.  Be bold and show off your pots and pans by hanging them up on customized utensil racks. It’s the perfect way to free up cabinet space.

    Cabinets with glass doors also tend to make a kitchen look larger, and dish racks above sink, electric appliances on wall shelves, open spice racks on door mounted shelves are a few innovative ways to free up counter space and reduce kitchen clutter.

    If you are short on pantry space, use sliding wall shelves to create a mini pantry in your kitchen.

  • Use the center of your kitchen: 

    Creating an island in the center of the kitchen can provide storage that is also convenient to reach from any spot in the kitchen. Adding a center table top stove/burner is also a great way to free up wall space. Or extend a counter in an L shape to create a divider or a side counter – add a few comfortable bar stools. And, voila! You have a mini dining/snacking space too. 

  • Creating illusions of a larger kitchen: 
    There are a number of ways to remodel a kitchen to look larger than it actually is. Large windows that allow light to enter, bright hanging ambient lights, kitchen themed wallpaper – these are a few examples to give that retro feel to your kitchen. Adding mirrors and reflective surfaces (steel) are a great idea to make your kitchen look sophisticated. When adding cabinets, keep the top space open, or add shelves instead of cabinets. This can trick the eye into making a kitchen look more open.

  • Compact and Sleek Appliances: 
    Compact and space-saving appliances are now all the rage and make small kitchen remodeling easier, such as refrigerators that are 24 inches deep instead of 30 inches deep.
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Home Adviser

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89 State Street

North Haven, CT 06473

Phone: 203-239-3399

Fax: 203-239-9850


Rating stars
Date Approved 10/04/2014
Reviewer Claudia V.
Reviewer Location Hamden, CT
Reviewer Location Hamden, CT
Their Review The installer was very friendly and thorough. I didn’t find any faults and the work areas were cleaned up nicely, everything hauled away. I’m very pleased with the windows – they seem so nice and clear – even the screens have greater visibility than I am accustomed to. Sidetex was not the cheapest, nor were they the most expensive. They were not negotiable and only offered only a lesser grade window to reduce my cost. I decided to select what I felt was a superior window as opposed to going with a lesser grade window. 0% financing was a good incentive and helped my decision.
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Sidetex celebrates BBB Award

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Sidetex President Paul Knapp receiving BBB Blue Ribbon and Key from BBB President Paulette Scarpetti honoring Sidetex for 36 years as a BBB accredited company and member of the BBB Premier Accreditation Circle.

The ceremony took place November 6 at the BBB annual Awards Banquet held at the Cascades In Hamden.

Sidetex has been honored by the Better Business Bureau with their Premier accreditation
Circle Award for the company’s 36 years as a BBB accredited business in Connecticut.

The award ceremony took place November 6th during the BBB annual awards banquet held this year at the Cascades in Hamden.

Sidetex, with their showroom at 89 State St. North Haven offers custom windows,siding,roofing, doors, and kitchen and bath remodeling throughout Connecticut.

Sidetex recently added window treatments, custom shades, blinds and interior shutters to their product line.

In addition to the BBB award, Sidetex has been selected Best of North Haven 2014 Siding Contractor.

Sidetex President Paul Knapp says the company is proud of the BBB and Siding Contractor recognition.

To celebrate, Knapp says Sidetex is offering Special Discounts and Optional 0% Financing To Connecticut customers till years end.

Knapp says,  “Now is the time to take advantage of Sidetex Fall-Winter pricing, before manufacturers already announced price increase of 8% after January 1.”

Sidetex Vice President Ronni Knapp and President Paul Knapp after receiving the BBB Premier accreditation Award November 6 which also happened to be Ronni’s birthday.

Sidetex can be reached at or 203-239-3399.

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Tips for Decorating a New Construction Home

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If you have recently purchased a new construction home, then you will most likely have any empty shell of a property that you will need to put your own stamp onto. Decorating a new home can be a tricky task. With so much to plan and organize it can be tough to even know where to begin. This article provides some simple advice that will help you to decorate your new home in no time.


Before you start the design process you should first do some research and get your creative juices flowing. There are plenty of places that you can find inspiration for your new home. One of the easiest ways is to find inspiration is to search online for images of beautifully designed houses. You can also visit home design trade fairs, look in home design magazines or take inspiration from hotel decor. Whenever you see something that you like the look of you should take a picture of it so that you can refer to it later on.

Plan it Out

Another thing to do before you start planning is to have a full plan of your house to hand. You can use copies of the original plans that you received when you first purchased the house. You may also want to purchase home design software. This software will allow you to enter the dimensions of your property and then it will automatically generate a plan for you. You can use these plans to experiment with the different positioning of items in each room.

Major Renovations

As this is a new build home, it is unlikely that you will be wanting to make any major renovations. However, if you do want to knock through a wall or make adjustments to the structure of the property then you should mark these on the plans. You will need to hire a professional renovation team to complete the work for you to a high standard.

Room By Room

Now the fun part starts – you are ready to start designing the decor. You should start working on one room at a time. A great idea is to create mood boards for each room. A mood board will provide you with a handy visual overview of the themes that you are going for, both overall for your property as well as for each individual room. The best place to make several mood boards is on photo pinning sites such as Pinterest. The things that you will need to plan include paint, flooring, lights, furniture, appliances and fixtures.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches can really help to bring everything together and add some more personality to your home. You can bring in splashes of color on things like cushions, rugs and decorations. Photographs of you and your family will add a lovely touch to any room in the home.

Professional Help

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you are having trouble designing your dream home. An interior designer will be able to listen to your needs in order to create a great home decor plan for you. Goodluck.